When dealing with complex corporate interest computations, there is no substitute for experience.

Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies, the team at CIS is made up of former members of the IRS Complex Interest Unit in Ogden, Utah, former Senior level IRS Supervisors, and private interest consulting firms with over 20+ years of knowledge of the various transaction codes, freeze codes, and methodologies used by the IRS.  

We understand the acceptable positions of the IRS in the complex interest area and understand decades of case law. Our experience with providing interest calculations for clients involved in litigation or appeals settlement is incomparable to other tax firms across the nation. Using the same software the IRS currently uses to perform complex interest calculations, we can work with the IRS computational examiner directly to resolve any issues prior to the final interest determination, which can save you from filing claims.

Complex Interest Services offers a level of expertise that cannot be found in any other firm.

The Team

The CIS Team is made up of former senior-level IRS professionals from the IRS Complex Interest Unit. Our team possess the expertise and experience to identify all opportunities to recover overpaid interest or receivable from the IRS for SMB and Enterprise organizations. We have been computing interest using netting for many years.  Our knowledge is unsurpassed in this complex area of tax law, IRS regulations, and procedures, making the recovery process much easier.

Mike Marr

Mike Marr

Mike Marr has managed Complex Interest Services for over 5 years and has been involved with complex interest for over 20 years, both with the IRS and as a consultant to major companies. Mike’s deep working knowledge of complex issues related to interest and penalties, as well as his expertise in many other areas of tax law, regulations, and procedures come from 32 years with the IRS. Mike was considered one of the most experienced managers at the IRS. As former Assistant Chief of the Exam Division, Mike provided briefings to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Deputy Commissioner of the IRS, and Chief Counsel of the IRS. He has trained Revenue Agents and wrote modifications and new sections to the IRS Manual.

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis provides evaluation and resolution services for complex restricted federal interest issues, including global interest netting for CIS. With 10+ years of complex corporate interest consulting experience and 20+ years with the IRS, which includes serving as a key member of the IRS’s Ogden Complex Interest Group, Robert has unique experience that makes him a valuable resource for our clients. His insider knowledge of IRS processes, transcripts, and technical positions with the IRS have allowed him to successfully prepare and file refund claims for interest totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.


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