IRS Settlement Services are beneficial to companies during major tax case litigation.

Did you know the complex interest calculations that the IRS performs generally do not include all favorable adjustments that may be available to you? Did you know the IRS is not required to do a full analysis of complex interest?

Recover Your Money Faster

IRS Settlement Services allows you to recover your money faster and saves your staff time and frustration when dealing with a claim for refund.

CIS knows an assessment, or a refund of interest, is generally a result of a disputed tax case. We work with our clients and their legal teams to provide a complete account review and a complex interest calculation of the taxpayer account, which includes the amount of any proposed settlement. Our IRS Settlement Services can be done very quickly after a settlement of the tax amount has been agreed to and allows the interest to be negotiated as part of the final settlement between the IRS and you.

CIS provides the calculations and support to you or your legal counsel to reconcile the proper amount of interest you should be receiving from the IRS or paying to the IRS.

Whether your case is resolved at the appeals level, settled before trial or settled with a decision from the Court of Appeals or the Tax Court, it is likely that the interest calculations offered by the IRS do not take into account all the favorable adjustments to the taxpayer that can be made. CIS will provide your company with interest calculations that will determine the exact amount of interest for a settlement.

CIS provides calculations and support

It is important that a complex interest calculation and analysis of your account be performed before any settlement is finalized.


Contact CIS today to conduct a comprehensive account analysis of all federal tax types and for all tax periods for which records are available from the IRS.