Conducting a thorough Tax Account Analysis by a former member of the IRS Complex Interest Team is imperative to recovering interest owed to your company. Here’s why:

  • Interest can make up as much as 30% or more of the cash outlay for a large case tax assessment.
  • 99% of staff resources are spent attempting to reduce the taxes
  • 1% is spent attempting to reduce the interest
Account Analysis

Retaining CIS to conduct an Account Analysis could allow your company to recover interest from years you had no idea was available to claim.

A tax account analysis can identify single module adjustments and netting opportunities for several types of taxes, covering 20 years or more in some cases. By performing a complete account analysis, your company will have the most favorable outcome. A comprehensive account review and analysis by CIS provides the client with the updated information needed for reporting purposes for the year.

A comprehensive account analysis can be done quickly and easily with very little interruption to your company.

In order to perform an account analysis and review, CIS only needs a detailed transcript for your company which is available easily. This transcript provides information for all the years not sent to retention and includes all types of taxes for the same Taxpayer Identification Number or TIN. CIS is able to pull the transcripts for your company and perform a comprehensive account review and analysis to uncover any discrepancies or errors in the interest amounts included in the transcript.

Comprehensive Analysis

An Account Analysis will give you an updated interest calculation of the interest that may be due.


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